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Flag Day celebration (and quiz)! How one PA steel town bravely recognizes its past.

It’s Flag Day!  And it’s kind of remarkable how, given my blog’s fixation with flags over the years (including some very creative flag reimagining), I’ve never really covered this 75-year-old holiday, commemorating the 247th anniversary of a distinct American flag.  Yes, it was June 14th in 1777 that the Second Continental Congress adopted an official

Blank wall bravado: a trendy neighborhood’s supermarket is more and less than meets the eye.

This article represents an interesting first.  Frankly, I’m surprised it’s taken this long—15 years of blogging!—for someone to approach me about this while I was out snapping pics for my blog.  Given that I have over 20,000 photos consisting primarily of mailboxes, parking meters, cracked curbs, lonely utility poles, labelscars, and miscellany that would only

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