Winged, feathered drone surveillance: if all birds are corrupted, why not insects as well?

To celebrate the spooky season just a little bit on the late side, I’ll abstain from references to zombies, werewolves, or blood-thirsty vampires.  That’s the stuff of Hollywood.  I’ll hold off from massive jack-o’-lanterns, witches crashing into buildings, enormous spiders, or the arched backs of black cats.  Those seem to be the status quo for yard decorations, along with the increasingly commonplace purple LED lights.  (When did purple become a color associated with Halloween?)

The landscape offers plenty of sights less supernatural and more banal—and thus far scarier—like this image tacked to a utility line in Alexandria:

Birds as drone surveillance ?

That’s right, Virginians: all your pigeons are drones that the government is harnessing to spy on you.  I briefly checked out the website and apparently I’m even more naïve than I thought; Birds Aren’t Real as a movement has been around since the 1970s.  It’s surprising to me that I haven’t heard about it since now, since fringe organizations are exactly the sort of thing that intrigue me, and even more surprising that they would have predicted such a thing since the 1970s, since drone surveillance almost certainly only existed in a crude state at that point—if even that—and certainly not capable of emulating the flight pattern of birds.

At this point I’m likely to chalk this activism against drone surveillance up to the same sort of groups who have long assembled to support the presidency of Lyndon LaRoche, or even Vermin Supreme, for that matter.  But if anyone else has any intelligence on the intelligence, I’m all ears.  Be well and be safe.  Expect some technical hiccups the next few days as my site finally transitions to its new appearance, but it’ll soon be back in full swing.  And, since most of you (all of you!) will be getting this far too late, happy All Saints Day?

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4 thoughts on “Winged, feathered drone surveillance: if all birds are corrupted, why not insects as well?

    1. AmericanDirt

      Nah, not really. Seems like it’s about as threatening as the candidacy of Vermin Supreme (“a pony for every American home!”).

    1. AmericanDirt

      Indeed, maybe they all went extinct with their pterodactyl cousins. And what’s left today are remote controlled video cameras, covered in polyester feathers. Courtesy of the Kremlin…


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