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Chatham Arch, Part III: Time to restore history–and density–to the neighborhood.

I just posted the third and final part in a series on Urban Indy, about the Chatham Park development proposal in the Chatham Arch neighborhood near downtown Indianapolis.  I already posted parts I and II in late December/early January, and this final article–a very minor one–simply reveals the modified proposal, based on feedback the developer

Looking for the Americana of yesteryear? Just visit your closest inner city.

Throughout the densely populated central city neighborhoods of Allentown, bodegas punctuate the street corners. Much of the housing in the area predates widespread car ownership, so the rowhomes lack any space for a garage, a driveway, and—in many instances—anything more than a tiny garden plot. In other words, we encounter housing built right up to

On healthy main streets, securing a tenant involves less cosmetics and more mathematics.

Any visitor who stumbles upon the main street of Bethlehem—the second largest city in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley—is likely to presume or speculate that it’s a prosperous town. And, in most respects, it is: well-maintained streetscapes with sidewalks of brick and slate; an mix of old and new buildings, most of which are in excellent condition; a

A church can locate anywhere…like a circle fits in a square.

Along a popular entertainment and restaurant corridor in downtown Indianapolis stands a community theatre building, known as Theatre on the Square (TOTS). At first blush, it might seem baffling how it got that name, since it isn’t on a square. (And, in fact, since its street address is Massachusetts Avenue, a diagonal street that radiates

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