Polishing an old heirloom.

arena master plan corrected 2

It’s uncommon for me to devote a particular blog post exclusively to corrections–not because I don’t make mistakes, or because I’m unwilling to admit them, but because my tiny monthly output has much to do with how carefully I try to vet the articles the first time around.  I’m not big on mistakes, and I …Read more…

Rethinking the Behemoth, Preserving the Banal, Part III: Mundane microbuildings have a place in contemporary urban life.

Evansville Arena 03 edit

This post concludes a three-part series on a high-profile new development in the southern Indiana city of Evansville. The city’s Mayor and Council have approved (and now completed) the demolition of a block of century-old commercial buildings on the historic Main Street to make way from a new sports arena, after negotiations floundered for buying …Read more…