Lightweave: Washington DC attempts to replicate (and improve upon) Indy’s stalled Swarm Street.

My latest article just posted in Urban Indy, despite the fact that it’s fundamentally about a new project going on in Washington DC.  What’s the rationale behind this?  Well, take a look.  Here’s the underpass in question in Washington DC:


And here’s the proposed art installation, known as Lightweave:Swarm Street for Washington: LightweaveThose attuned to urban development in Indy (i.e., the Urban Indy readership) will recognize this proposal, because it bears a more than passing resemblance to Swarm Street, an installation that occupies a similar underpass in downtown Indianapolis, planned in conjunction with the Cultural Trail, Indianapolis’s successful bicycle/pedestrian path network.

While the Indianapolis Cultural Trail has earned accolades across the country (and even overseas), the Swarm Street project has received little to no coverage, largely because it failed just a few months after the unveiling–nearly five years ago.  These days, Swarm Street sits in limbo, while the Cultural Trail continued to stimulate new investment downtown.

Nonetheless, some urban advocates in Washington with deep pockets (are there any other kinds in DC?) have decided to create their own version of Swarm Street with Lightweave.  It remains to be seen if Lightweave will prove a success where Swarm Street has not, but it definitely faces some similar challenges.  Learn all about it at the Urban Indy article, and decide for yourselves…

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