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Lightweave: Washington DC attempts to replicate (and improve upon) Indy’s stalled Swarm Street.


My latest article just posted in Urban Indy, despite the fact that it’s fundamentally about a new project going on in Washington DC.  What’s the rationale behind this?  Well, take a look.  Here’s the underpass in question in Washington DC: And here’s the proposed art installation, known as Lightweave:Those attuned to urban development in Indy …Read more…

Tanks on the border, but it isn’t a military strategy.


For a commodity as market-sensitive as petroleum (let’s call it “gas”), a featurette on pricing is less likely to be indicative of market trends than, say, certain perishable goods (which induced considerable hardship on dairy and grain farmers these last few years) or certain appliances (in which the decline in demand has bankrupted several high-profile …Read more…