Sprucing up those doggie domains.

I don’t usually devote an entire blog post to describing an update, but, in this case, it’s probably worth while.

Over the last few days, for the sake of featuring on Huffington Post, I updated an article I had written on a Jersey City dog park, in the Hamilton Park neighborhood.  My Huffpost version has the usual edits–tightened up the descriptions, less theoretical.  But I also added new photos that changed the argument somewhat.  It’s an upgrade.

Hamilton Park dog park upgrade

Bearing this in mind, I decided I liked the approach better in the Huffpo version, so I went back and rewrote my original article here on American Dirt, making the original article consistent with the upgrade.  The changes aren’t huge, but the revised version featured a more thoughtful understanding of community policing, more details on the park’s other amenities, and–perhaps most important–better pics of the pooches themselves.

For those who didn’t give it a try the first time, I encourage you to do so now, either here on my blog or through Huffington Post.  Comments as always are warmly welcome.

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