Monthly Archives: July 2017

Sprucing up those doggie domains.


I don’t usually devote an entire blog post to describing an update, but, in this case, it’s probably worth while. Over the last few days, for the sake of featuring on Huffington Post, I updated an article I had written on a Jersey City dog park, in the Hamilton Park neighborhood.  My Huffpost version has the …Read more…

City View Church: an old, urban fedora atop a young, suburban head.


Religious conservatives have bemoaned the perceived encroachment of secularism in this country for decades, manifested most powerfully through surveys over the last few years that reveal an unequivocal rise in religious “Nones”. Credible those these results may be, polls do not always align with on-the-ground manifestations of those surveyed sentiments, as the data collected before …Read more…

The Maryland flag: anything but a flop.


Sure, each one of our nation’s fifty states gets two senators to represent its constituents federally through the legislature, and each state claims an individual vote on amendments to the Constitution. But on matters of the House of Representatives, votes for the Electoral College, budget allocations and just about every other consideration, not all states …Read more…