Nimble fingers, sticky keys.

Unfortunately I might have to put a brief pause on the blog posts for the time being, as my ailing computer keyboard is making typing almost impossible.  Please be patient as I either repair or replace the keyboard.  It may only take a few days, but it could be much longer.  I’ll resume blogging at my regular pace (or better!) as soon as I manage this hardware issue.

2 thoughts on “Nimble fingers, sticky keys.

  1. Alex Pline

    Pop the keys off (take a picture of the keyboard first or you’ll never get them back in the right place!), clean out the schmutz, wash it off and dry well/gently using a hair dryer and voila, you’ll be back in business. Unless of course it is really broken…

  2. AmericanDirt Post author

    Hi Alex. Alas, if only it were that simple. It’s five keys in particular–all contiguous–that pose the problem. And, upon further research, this is a common occurrence for owners of MacBook Pros. I took it for a diagnostic tonight and the hard drive is apparently close to failure. I’ll try to eke out an article or two before I get it replaced, but if there’s a long gap between posts, you now know the reason.


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