Google Street View: chronicling urban transformation.

My latest just went up on Urban Indy.  I recently discovered the “time scroll” feature on Google Street View (though I suspect it’s been there for months–years even) and I decided to apply some comparative shots.  It’s really remarkable to see how much a neighborhood like Fountain Square in Indianapolis has changed since Google began including this wonderful tool.  Here it is from this past summer:

Fountain Square 2015

And here it is back in 2007, before the installation of the Cultural Trail:

Fountain Square 2009

It was particularly useful me to see the before-and-after of a street corner in the adjacent neighborhood of Bates-Hendricks, which has only recently started to see the revitalization efforts that Fountain Square has been enjoying for quite some time.  I featured an article, also on Urban Indy, with this little corner piece of infill development right before it opened.DSCF8889-001It’s a great little project, but when you see what used to be there, way back in 2007, it’s hard not to get a little sentimental.

I won’t spoil the details and will encourage everyone to read the full article on Urban Indy.  All the more appropriate that I reference time travel on this momentous day–read up, and, as always, comments are welcome…I will respond!

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