Kiryas Joel expands digitally. (It’s already expanding physically.)

My article from late February and early March on the fast growing Hasidic Jewish enclave of Kiryas Joel just appeared in edited form on the website New Geography.  Here it is.


For those who don’t know, the online journal New Geography regularly covers urban affairs from a variety of thinkers across the globe, and while “challenging the status quo” has become in itself a clichéd description for just about anything, I use it sparingly enough that it seems appropriate here…at any rate, the journal challenges what I routinely consider to be the status quo.  The folks at NG have picked up a few of my articles over the years, and I’m always thankful for their interest and commitment to keeping dialogue going on under-reported and often provocative subjects.  And if my own blog article on Kiryas Joel is too long (as my blog posts often are), the New Geography version is wonderfully abridged.  Thanks, as always, for reading.


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