Art space to ad space.

My latest just went up at Urban Indy.  It looks at Indianapolis International Airport (IND), which, when the new terminal opened in 2008, received accolades for the sensitive integration of public art throughout the premises.  Six years have passed, and most–but not all–of the artwork remains.  But now, virtually every surviving flat service gets monetized: posters, backlit signs, banners, LED video walls.

airport ads 02 airport ads 07 airport ads 11 airport ads 10 airport ads 13

What, if anything, forced the Indianapolis Airport Authority to monetize so much of the remaining space?  Is this a common occurrence among mid-size airports?  The article at Urban Indy looks both at the IND phenomenon, as well as a few other airports in the region that are resorting to more drastic measures to either raise revenue or cut expenses in the wake of considerable consolidation among the major airlines.  Comments, as always, are welcome.


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