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Dusting off the Wurlitzers, Part I: Organ Transplants.


My latest article, featured in The Huffington Post, doesn’t really fit with the vein of American Dirt, but it won’t be foreign to those who follow me closely, particularly in regards to coverage of the culture of pipe organs.  In contrast with an article series on classical organs from a few months ago, this time around, I’m looking …Read more…

Art space to ad space.

airport ads 13

My latest just went up at Urban Indy.  It looks at Indianapolis International Airport (IND), which, when the new terminal opened in 2008, received accolades for the sensitive integration of public art throughout the premises.  Six years have passed, and most–but not all–of the artwork remains.  But now, virtually every surviving flat service gets monetized: …Read more…

Porous placeholders.

porous 04

A multitude of American cities have experienced resurgences in their urban centers over the last decade. Nonetheless, it typically seems that one city in particular enjoys the lion’s share of favorable publicity for a few years…and then passes the baton to another. New York wore the crown through much of the late 90s, with a …Read more…