Monthly Archives: November 2014

Service station salvation.

Kmart close 05

The news over the past few months that Sears Holdings Company is closing a slew (over seventy) of its two primary chains (Sears and Kmart) should come as no surprise to anyone who reads this blog…or anyone with a pulse, for that matter. I’ve rung the death knell on this formerly legendary budget department store …Read more…

Measuring demand in meters.


As work commitments prevent me from getting to the sort of articles I want to write, I have to settle for much shorter filler material for the time being.  But, unlike most of my blog posts, the photo below is not reflective of any particular location.  It could be just about anywhere in the country. …Read more…

Fencing in the human will.


Driving westward from the suburbs to downtown Grand Rapids earlier this year, I came across an unusual road sign.   Needless to say, it wasn’t easy to read, but it clearly wasn’t a conventional one. In Grand Rapids (as in many cities), most street signage uses a bold, white sans-serif lettering against a green background, as …Read more…