Tripping hazards.

My apologies on having gone this long into the month of April without a single blog post. Make no mistake that I am working on one, though it demands a bit more research into soil science than I was initially expecting, and it will take some time. The fact that I have been recruited by the Germans to play organ for the Holy Week services also cuts significantly into my available evening free time. I am working on a post and will have it displayed as soon as possible.

On top of this, I have more lousy news: my trusty 4-megapixel camera seems to have bit the dust (literally). I am trying home remedies, but this little machine that has served me so well throughout most of the life of this blog is probably at its final days. If anyone has any recommendations for a moderately priced camera where the emphasis is less on quality of imagery and more on the machine’s ability to withstand lots of abuse and a harsh climate, I’m all ears (and eyes). Thanks as always for reading.

6 thoughts on “Tripping hazards.

  1. Aimee

    You’d look a little silly carrying it around, but Fisher Price makes a “Kid-Tough” Digital Camera. If it can withstand playgrounds, pools, and melted ice cream, I bet it’d stand up to the desert.

  2. Caille

    Fuji – Fujifilm FinePix XP10 Digital Camera – (12MP, 5x Optical Zoom) 2.7 inch LCDby FujiFilm – apparently there is also an x or xp 30 with GPRS tagging of photos. We have this one as some friends have it and between their 2 children and analena accidentally trying to destroy it- it stays good!! You can use under water (not regular scuba) and it makes noise as it focuses / zooms but it’s excellent in the indestructible category and the pictures it takes are very good as well!!

  3. Steve P

    Any point and shoot camera that does NOT have a motorized lens that moves in and out when the camera is powered on nor shutters that fold over the iris when powered on will do well in your current environment.

    I say this because I assume the air is full of grit and dust. Moving parts will trap the junk.

    Glad the Germans need you for music this week, Eric. You’ve got many gifts to share!

  4. AmericanDirt

    Advice well taken, Aimee, and thanks for writing. This is war, so it’s hardly a time for self-consciousness. I’d dig a blue, red and yellow camera; Afghanistan could use the bright colors. I’ll have to look into it!

  5. AmericanDirt Post author

    Thanks for the advice folks. I’ll research that camera you mentioned, Caille. Though the photo quality is poor, I’ve considered Fisher Price just for yuks. Steve, you nailed it: that’s exactly what has jammed on my current camera. I have the notorious Canon E18 error!

  6. Caille

    No moving lens or thingy over it to open and close so very good on the grit scale. If it’s waterproof and dust proof it should be grit proof too!!


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