Charm City hubris.

This is by no means intended as an insult to the largest city in Maryland, but the absence of any other context for this bench does lead one to wonder…

Donated by the Johns Hopkins Class of 1947? I can’t help but question if a company mass produces these, leaving the buyer to fill in the blank for the respective city. Then again, maybe John Waters has a hand in this.

2 thoughts on “Charm City hubris.

  1. mheidelberger

    The beauty of stenciling; kind of reminds me of the attorney commercials I see when I go out of town…The same old crappy commercial featuring Robert Vaughn is the same, but the featured attorney is different. These are just about kitschy enough for a scene in a John Waters film; what musical accompaniment track do you think he would choose?

  2. AmericanDirt

    The Basil Poledouris soundtrack to “Serial Mom” is still pretty priceless, though it fits better in the suburbs. Perhaps hearing it in the gritty inner city is that much more ironic, even if less kitschy. Thanks for writing!


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